Kimberly, August 24 2019

We've Got a (pop-up) Home!

For those of you who've been following along, you'll know that finding a place to call our own has been an ongoing adventure. Well, I'm THRILLED to announce that we have just signed on a 3 month long contract with Monday Night Brewing Garage to have THE STUDIO be a part of their taproom. 

What does that mean exactly? It means that we will be running a pop-up / test lab / incubator of our concept out of their brewery. This will give us the ability to try out our ideas, but most importantly - it's somewhere to start! 

Don't be mistaken, we're still actively in conversation with a location on the Westside for a true home for us, but this is the opportunity to get a jump on our idea and get our feet wet. 

A huge huge thank you to Monday Night for giving us a chance- that's been one of the biggest hurdles of opening up a small business for the first time. I am so appreciative of the support that they've given us!

The location is on the West End, in the newly developed White & Lee complex. You'll find other big Atlanta names such as Wild Heaven Beer, Honeysuckle Gelato, and Golden Kombucha there as well. This area is up and coming, but is very popular with the food and beverage companies because of the large amount of affordable warehouse space that they can use for production of their products. 

This section of Atlanta connects to the Beltline, so there will be easy transportation options due to that as well as being less than a few blocks from the West End MARTA station. Parking is also a dream (lots of it and FREE!) 

The space itself will be inside of the main taproom, just past the food trucks. It's nearly impossible to miss it - which makes it a great interest spot for those who came in to enjoy a beer. Patrons will be able to browse local Atlanta artists, purchase DIY kits to work on while they're at the brewery (or take home) as well as come in for classes / workshops that we'll be holding throughout our residency. We'll even have a single workspace for those who might want their own small studio within the brewery.

We've got lots of other plans in the works including our launch party, solo artist exhibitions, arts fairs, fun workshops, and a few surprises that we're not ready to share yet. 

I do hope you'll stop by - this is a BIG step in the right direction for us! It not only gives us a physical location that we can start advertising, but it's a way to really start getting out the name and concept of THE STUDIO.  More to come, but keep an eye and ear out for details regarding our upcoming events. I would love to have you celebrate this win with us.

Speak soon and as always, thanks for following along!


*Photos courtesy from Bridechilla & Yelp

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