Kimberly, September 17 2019

And...we're off!

Howdy friends - here to share the latest and greatest all about our launch this past Saturday. If you haven't been following along, we've popped up inside Monday Night Garage for a 3 month residency. This is such an exciting opportunity to test test test.

If you're curious about the details of our location and all the background, check out our previous post. Today we're giving a run down of all it took to get us up and running. It's been an adventure to say the least! With our launch being on Saturday, the plan was to move everything into our space starting on Monday. As we all know, things rarely go to plan...

We realized that the back walls were concrete, which presented a bit of a problem for hanging art. But, this wasn't a problem we couldn't solve! So, we built walls. 

With 4 brand new walls built and loaded into my brother's work van, we were ready to be on our way. Until...the van wouldn't start. :| Let's just say that Monday wasn't the easiest of days. 

A few more issues later, including a few unexpected  hospital visits and delays, we finally had walls up and ready to hang with art.

I couldn't have accomplished what I have without the support and art curation of Sharon Moskowitz with srmARTconnect. Sharon brought on 6 awesome Atlanta artists who were gracious and excited to share their work in a new way. 

A big part of what we can accomplish in this space is offer Atlanta local art in an approachable way. There are many misconceptions about local art being out of price range for the average individual, or they simply don't think of buying local before they go to a big box retailer. My hope is to change that mindset and help facilitate creatives across their entire journey, from production to distribution. 

My mission is for any individual, new business big or small to consider displaying and using local creatives and artists first. If we're thoughtful with our economics, we can support the community and move away from the "starving artist" mindset. Alright, off my soapbox. 

It took us a few days and even more trips back and forth from the loading dock, but we finally got everything loaded in and up on the walls so we would be ready for our soft launch that Wednesday. 

Having a specific soft opening date as a hard deadline was a good exercise that I would recommend to anyone opening up a business, whether physical or virtual. It forced us work out any kinks before the big day. 

In terms of kinks, we had a few issues with mislabeled or non-labeled art, a lack of lighting, and not quite the attendance that we were hoping for, but we were able to solve for most major problems before our formal launch on Saturday. Attendance will always be a concern. One element that most people don't think about is how much we count on you coming when you say you're going to - and that's because we've worked really hard on whatever it is that we want to share with you, and it's a big deal to us when you show up and support us. That's a "Behind the Filter" that I will go into more later, but as a general request...if you say you're going to show up, do try. Especially if it's someone you know or a small business. Every person counts to us. :) 

In terms of our formal launch night that Saturday, I would say it felt like a success. We had a lot of support from friends and family, lots of eyes on our art, and yummy food and beer to share with everyone. I figure you've listened to me enough, so just going to include a few more photos from the evening below. 

As always, thank you to everyone who has supported us in our journey. Looking forward to sharing more with you soon! 

- Kimberly 

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