Space Updates

Kimberly, July 9 2019

We’ve been working on finding a physical space for THE STUDIO for a few months and it’s been a wonderful learning adventure. Zoning regulations, tenant improvement dollars, load rate, letters of intent - so many moving parts that I never knew before now! Big props to anyone who has their own physical space👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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Firsts and Frustrations

Kimberly, June 10 2019


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The Vision

Kimberly, May 29 2019

Last week I spoke about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and this week I want to focus on why I'm doing this whole small business thing in the first place. It's not the appeal of being my own boss or having the flexibility to focus on what I want that motivates me to push forward THE STUDIO. Those are nice perks, don't get me wrong. But, I tru...

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Ups and Downs...

Kimberly, May 22 2019

Someone shared this with me recently and I can't tell you how relevant it was this past week. When I made the decision to leave my corporate cubicle job, it was an easy one. Don't get me wrong- I'd been thinking about THE STUDIO as a business idea for about a year, consulted friends and family, and reviewed and prepared my finances to be able to ma...

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